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Optimism or extinction? What’s the future of humanity? John Hands & Perry Marshall

Secular scientist and academic John Hands has been described as a 'polymath'. His 2016 book... Posted: March 17, 2023

Classic Replay: Peter Kreeft’s argument from desire

CS Lewis said "If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only... Posted: March 14, 2023

Where does order in nature and the cosmos come from? Stephen Meyer & Saleem Ali

Prof Saleem Ali of the University of Delaware is author of 'Earthly Order: How natural laws define... Posted: March 10, 2023

Classic Replay: Does Science need God? Tom McLeish, David Hutchings & Suzie Sheehy

To honour the passing of the great scientist and Christian educator Tom McLeish, we're replaying... Posted: March 7, 2023

Does God speak today through dreams, visions & prophecy? Tania Harris & Jim Osman

Tania Harris, founding director of God Conversations and author of 'The Church who hears God's... Posted: March 3, 2023

Classic Replay: Presuppositional vs natural theology

Two different approaches to apologetics were debated in this classic show from the archives. K... Posted: February 28, 2023

The Asbury Revival: A new move of God? Timothy Tennent, Alisa Childers & Gavin Ortlund

Thousands have been flocking to Asbury University in Kentucky after a chapel service turned into a... Posted: February 24, 2023

Classic Replay: A convert and skeptic in Narnia - Holly Ordway & Laura Miller

Classic replay from the archives. Former atheist Holly Ordway came to Christian faith via poetry... Posted: February 21, 2023

Sexuality, Gender & Identity: 2 views on LGBT and the church - Andrew Bunt & Charlie Bell

Andrew Bunt, Emerging Generations director at Living Out and author of 'Finding Your Best... Posted: February 17, 2023

Classic Replay: The Pope’s astronomer - Fr Guy Consolmagno

From May 2013: Brother Guy Consolmagno has an asteroid named after him! The planetary scientist... Posted: February 14, 2023