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Ruth Jackson interviews leading apologists, theologians and evangelists in order to help Christians understand, defend and share their faith with confidence… unapologetically!

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#109 Justyn Terry: Jürgen Moltmann on suffering, politics and hope

Does God suffer? How does a "crucified God" speak to our pain? Where can we find hope? How should we engage with politics? On 3rd June,... Posted: June 18, 2024

#108 Michael Lloyd: Why did God create wasps?

Why are our prayers not answered? Where does the cross fit into the problem of suffering? Why did God create creatures like mosquitoes,... Posted: June 11, 2024

#107 Michael Lloyd: Why does evil exist?

Rev Dr Michael Lloyd, author of Cafe Theology, explores a number of Christian responses to evil and suffering. Which theories are the most... Posted: June 4, 2024

#106 Kathy Keller: Why does God allow suffering?

Kathy Keller is no stranger to suffering, so how is she able to attest to the goodness of God in the midst of great pain? How does she... Posted: May 28, 2024

#105 Kathy Keller: Why I changed my mind on women ordination

We continue our conversation with writer, editor and speaker Kathy Keller. Why did their sons believe her and Tim should never offer... Posted: May 21, 2024

#104 Kathy Keller: Life, marriage and death

As we approach the one year anniversary of apologist Tim Keller's death on May 19th, we caught up with his wife Kathy Keller. Are there any... Posted: May 14, 2024

#103 Rachael Heffer: Are young people more spiritual?

In the final part of their conversation about the Talking Jesus research, Rachael Heffer, head of mission at the Evangelical Alliance,... Posted: May 7, 2024

#102 Rachael Heffer: Do people want to engage in conversations about faith?

How do people respond to hearing about God? Has the general opinion of the UK shifted on matters of faith in recent years? What do young... Posted: April 30, 2024

#101 Rachael Heffer: What does the UK think about faith?

Rachael Heffer, head of mission at the Evangelical Alliance, shares her thoughts around the Talking Jesus research. What do the UK public... Posted: April 23, 2024

#100 Ruth Jackson: 100th Episode Special

Ruth Jackson shares some of her favourite moments over the last 99 episodes, including an opiate addict becoming a Christian apologist via a... Posted: April 16, 2024
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