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Ruth Jackson interviews leading apologists, theologians and evangelists in order to help Christians understand, defend and share their faith with confidence… unapologetically!

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38 Lauren Windle: Finding God in the midst of addiction

Journalist Lauren Windle tells her story of getting sober from alcohol and cocaine, and shares how... Posted: February 1, 2023

#37 Alanzo Paul: a former opiate addict on how to reach young people

Originally from Canada, Alanzo Paul fell into a life of addiction after his parents' divorce. Here, he shares some of his story with Ruth... Posted: January 26, 2023

Unapologetic #36 Trevin Wax: How to tackle objections to Christianity

In the second part of their discussion, Ruth Jackson speaks to Trevin Wax, author of award-winning... Posted: January 18, 2023

Unapologetic #35 Trevin Wax: Can Orthodoxy be thrilling?

Trevin Wax, author of award-winning book ‘The Thrill of Orthodoxy’, speaks to Ruth Jackson... Posted: January 11, 2023

#34 Pedro Garcia: I became a Christian through Halloween

Apologist Pedro Garcia speaks to Ruth Jackson about how Halloween kickstarted his journey towards... Posted: January 4, 2023

#33 Finding Jesus changed Christmas forever

As we approach a new year, we speak to three people from different backgrounds who found new life... Posted: December 28, 2022

#32 Charles Foster: The virgin birth, child massacre and Shamanic astrology

In the second half of our discussion about Christmas, Charles Foster, author of The Christmas... Posted: December 21, 2022

#31 Charles Foster: The truth behind the Christmas story

Why do only two of the four Gospels mention Jesus’ birth? What if the Christmas story isn't... Posted: December 14, 2022

#30 Murdo Macleod: How John Wycliffe impacted my life

Ruth Jackson spoke to film director Murdo Macleod about his new film 'Morningstar', which focuses... Posted: December 7, 2022

#29 Jon Tyson: Digital evangelism and reaching a lost generation

Ruth Jackson speaks to New York-based pastor Jon Tyson about reaching young people, digital... Posted: November 30, 2022

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