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Premier Insight exists to equip and empower Christians across the US to go deeper in their faith – and speak truth clearly in today’s culture.

Our vision is for informed, equipped, and confident Christians to rise to the challenge of the age.

And together with friends like you, we’re making a real difference…

Since their inception, there have been 3.4 million podcast downloads of Ask NT Wright Anything and almost 10 million downloads of the Unbelievable? podcast.


Podcast downloads of Ask NT Wright Anything


Almost 10 million downloads of the Unbelievable? podcast

One US listener shares…

“I greatly appreciate your show and all your hard work… I am a Christian but have honestly struggled with some of the more intellectual and non-emotional sides of my faith. Your podcast has really been informative in helping me understand and discern these more intellectual thoughts. Looking forward to your conversations!”

And another recently wrote…

“In an era of ever-coarsening discourse and deep polarization, I’m deeply thankful for content where important issues are discussed thoughtfully and respectfully. Fantastic stuff.”


Thank you for making this impact possible through your prayers and support!