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One person whose faith was greatly encouraged by the writings of C.S. Lewis is Professor Alister McGrath. Both men were raised in Northern Ireland, studied at Oxford University and went on to become professors there. They also both came to faith from atheism slightly later in life. Alister has written numerous books on C.S. Lewis, including a seminal biography C.S. Lewis – A Life.

Listen to new episodes every Monday, where Ruth Jackson and Professor Alister McGrath will focus on the profound and challenging ideas from  C.S. Lewis,  providing thoughtful insights that  answer questions that impact culture today.


” I owe C.S. Lewis immeasurably, for he took me from “half-convinced” wanderer to full-fledged Christian. Now, thirty years later my faith has endured, and I want to give others that gift. If I could I’d give much more, but for now please take this small donation. I’m loving the dynamic between  Ruth Jackson and Professor Alister McGrath.  One idea – start responding to the big Twitter/YouTubers who have big influences. We need to meet this culture where it is and then take them back to faith! “

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About Alister McGrath

Professor Alister McGrath is the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University. He holds three Oxford doctorates: a doctoral degree in molecular biophysics, a Doctor of Divinity degree in theology and a Doctor of Letters degree in intellectual history. McGrath is a prolific author on many topics including science, faith, apologetics, CS Lewis, doctrine and church history.

McGrath regularly engages in debate and dialogue with leading atheists. He has written many books and articles on numerous topics. His academic books include his widely-used textbooks Christian Theology: An Introduction, The Christian Theology Reader and Theology: The Basics.

His more popular books cover topics such as religion and science, the new atheism and Christian doctrine. Among McGrath’s general readership books are The Dawkins Delusion? Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine, Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers and Skeptics Find Faith and Why God Won’t Go Away: Engaging the New Atheism. Alister has written numerous books on C.S. Lewis, including a seminal biography C.S. Lewis – A Life.

McGrath is married to psychologist Rev Dr Joanna Collicutt McGrath with whom he has authored several books and they have two grown-up children. You can find out more about Professor Alister McGrath at his website

Alister McGrath